shirlette T4GB featured in August issue of DIVA Magazine (London)!

Diva Magazine, Europe’s largest selling Lesbian/Bisexual publication, has profiled yours truly in their August issue! See below:

Shirlette (Twilight for Gladys Bentley) profiled in Diva Magazine

shirlette profiled in the “Pick N Mix” section of DIVA mag

Haven’t heard? STREAM T4GB in it’s entirety HERE.

This month’s DIVA Cover (Note: In case you need another reason, there’s an article about dental dams. I know you’ve wondered…)

August cover of Diva Magazine


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Hopscotch Presents: Bitchfork Day Party!

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The NC Music Love Army Creates Songs of Protest

For Immediate Release:

NC Music Love Army: regional music luminaries take aim at regressive legislation through songs of protest

In solidarity with the Moral Monday peaceful protest movement (, a new alliance, The North Carolina Music Love Army, has emerged. Composed of many notable North Carolina-based musicians, the NCMLA was founded in late June of 2013 by artists Caitlin Cary (of Raleigh) and Jon Lindsay (of Charlotte). The two have assembled an all-star roster to create a recording compilation of original protest songs contributed by its members, with a forthcoming large-scale concert announcement to follow. All proceeds from NCMLA activity will go to the NAACP, Progress NC, and Planned Parenthood, which are at the forefront of the Moral Monday movement.

Tracking for an EP-length compilation takes place in Raleigh on Sunday, July 7th, at Greg Elkins’ Pershing Hill Sound studios. Solo artist and producer Jon Lindsay will serve as Producer and Music Director of the compilation; Cary, a veteran activist, solo artist and original member of Whiskeytown and The Small Ponds is the project’s Managing Administrative Director. In addition to leadership roles, Cary and Lindsay will also contribute material and perform on the project.

The list of participants continues to grow, but the following artists already have committed to the project: Django Haskins/The Old Ceremony; Snuzz; Eddie Walker; BJ Barham/American Aquarium; Shirlette Ammons (Twilight for Gladys Bentley), Hiss Golden Messenger; Onward, Soldiers; Sara Bell; Lynn Blakey; Birds and Arrows; Reese McHenry; Michael Rank/Stag; Jon Shain; Jeffrey Dean Foster; Scott Phillips/Goner; Stu Mclamb/The Love Language; Greg Elkins; Jesse Huebner; Skillet Gilmore; Matt Douglas; Mark Connor; Amigo and Jennyanykind

A mass rehearsal for the recording session’s artists will take place on Saturday, July 6th from 3-6pm at The Pinhook in Durham, NC. The event is open to the public and Press/media (including broadcast) are welcome at this event and will have all access.

Filmmaking members of the NCMLA community will be capturing all activity for a documentary; details to follow.

For interviews, appearances, resource donation, further information, or to be involved contact:, or Caitlin Cary:919-389-9760.

Early demos that helped inspire the movement:

Django Haskins demo:

Jon Lindsay demo:



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Collaborations Vol III: Yahzarah (aka Miss Purple St. James)

I met Yahzarah at Bully’s Basement, the old Hip Hop hot spot in Durham. It was my first time seeing her perform and I was mesmerized by her stage presence, her voice, her. I spent the entire show hugging the speakers taking in every ounce of the unabashed soul she exuded. She, to me, answered that question that had been burning in my head for years: “What if Betty Davis and all  of P-Funk had a baby?”

Yahzarah has appeared (in some form) on every musical project I’ve released.  We first collaborated on a song called “Love with No Direction” from my band Mosadi Music‘s debut album, “The Window.”

The Window (Album Cover)









The album included two versions of the song (differently titled), one produced by Chris Boerner, the other by Apple Juice Kid. Check em both:

Love Dub (feat Purple St James):


Love with No Direction (feat Purple St James):


Miss Purple also appeared on a song called “Appreciate” with help from one of the dopest MC’s I know, Supastition:


Most recently, Yaz appeared on my collaboration with The Dynamite Brothers. The song’s called “Tomorrow Neva Comin.” Be forewarned. It is extremely funky:


An unknown tidbit: Yahzarah’s guitar scat at the end of “Tomorrow Neva Comin” was sampled by Bueller Tout’ nou on “Get Dressed” which appears on my solo debut, “Twilight for Gladys Bentley.” This means that Yahzarah (aka Miss Purple St. James) has appeared on every album I’ve produced to date:

As I’m compiling these songs, I’m once again made aware of how fortunate I am to know and work with such talented artists. Miss Purple is certainly amongst those people.








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Collaborations Vol II: The Beast

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Durham’s The Beast on a few occasions. Here is a compilation of our work.

“For You,” from the Guru Legacy EP with Freddie Watts

“Strange Love” from The Freedom Suite EP


And this one, The Catch Up, features Pierce Freelon of The Beast and Jocelyn Ellis and appears on the Shirlette and the Dynamite Brothers EP, And Lover’s Like:




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Collaborations Vol 1: Alright (A Spring Anthem) feat Median & Carlitta Durand


image by Sedrick Miles of Sed Miles Photographie Internationale










I’m archiving my collaborations over the next few weeks and thought, on this proposed 80-degree day to share one of my favorites. It’s called Alright (A Spring Anthem) and features guest appearances by THE Carlitta Durand & the mighty emcee, Median. The three versions below are the original (produced by Chris Boerner), The Apple Juice Kid remix and a remix by Tyler Hypnosis. All are available for free download and make for pretty good riding music, windows down, elbows out. Enjoy and share!

Apple Juice Kid Remix

Tyler Hypnosis Remix

A Spring Anthem (produced by Chris Boerner)

More collaborations posted in the next few.






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Support Truth. Be. Told.

I was honored that documentary filmmaker Katina Parker invited me to participate in her episodic documentary tv series, Truth. Be. Told. Katina is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign effort to support the project.  Support and view other previews feature worldwide community movers and shakers Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Sendolo Diaminah, Justin Robinson, Kai Barrow, Ashon Crawley, Matthias Pressley and Zelda Lockhart HERE.

Truth. Be. Told. f. Shirlette Ammons from Katina Parker on Vimeo.


“Truth. Be. Told.” is a documentary series that seeks to reclaim the birthright of Queer Black visionaries within our families and communities by providing a platform for out, Black LGBTQI-SGL-TS people to tell their personal stories of challenge, radical self-inquiry, transformation, and triumph. Shirlette Ammons (Poet, Musician and Creator of the “Twilight for Gladys Bentley” Project), is featured in our first season.

Follow “Truth. Be. Told.” at

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shirlette ammons (T4GB) to play this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival + photos from Bilal show

Hopscotch 2013 Line-Up

The 2013 Hopscotch Music Festival line-up was announced today and I’m very pleased that shirlette ammons T4GB is a part of this year’s roster of performers. I have yet to know the day, time, or venue, but as soon as the information’s available I’ll post it here. I do know that I will be playing songs from Twilight for Gladys Bentley with a live band and a few special guests. In the meantime, check out the entire line-up in the poster above and stream tunes from over 175 artists by visiting

Photos from Shirlette & the Dynamite Brothers opening for Bilal

Below are a few photos from Shirlette and the Dynamite Brothers’ performance at Motorco on March 28th. We had the ultimate pleasure of opening for soul singer, Bilal. Thanks to Chris Charles for these very cool black and white images. Check out more of his work at

photo courtesy of


photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of


photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of


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Get Dressed: LunchBreak Edition


Get Dressed Up (at lunchtime)


Life has been hectic lately. The remedy: By night, turn off the radiation and write emo-laden poems (I’d also recommend a vinyl copy of Talking Book with few scratches and bruises). By day, if you have a few moments during lunch break,  run through some tunes from your debut solo album with a deuce of your funkiest musician friends:

Get Dressed, LunchBreak Edition at The ArtsCenter w/Darion Alexander (bass), Will Darity (guitar)
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shirlette interview featured in latest Grip Tapes Newsletter



We caught up with Shirlette Ammons to talk a little bit about her new album Twilight for Gladys Bentley and her recent ‘Pretty Precious Cargo’ tour with Berlin-based rapper sookee and Juan Huevos.  Here’s we go…

Who is an artist that you are listening to that you feel people don’t know about yet, but should?
Julius Eastman. just heard about him on NPR over the weekend. He was a black gay composer and pianist during the beat generation. His sound reminds me of Alice Coltrane. Check out ‘Gay Guerrilla.’ And my new favorite German rapper, sookee.

What was one of your favorite moments from the ‘Pretty Precious Cargo’ tour?
The orgasms rising in ‘Gut Lightning’ during our performance at the Girls Rock Camp Austin benefit. The organizers had already told us ‘no cussin and no sexually explicit lyrics (I’ve since wondered if they forewarned any of the rock groups, anyways…)’ I remembered that ‘Gut Lightning’ has an orgasm leading up to the chorus and asked Juan Huevos if he thought it might be obvious. He was like, ‘Nah. It don’t even really sound like an orgasm. It just sounds like….sound.’ When the part came up, it sounded unquestionably like an orgasm. I looked at Huevos, Huevos looked at me, and we fell into one of those silent laughters that won’t allow you to catch your breath. We laughed all the way through the chorus. It was cool. Plenty of great moments that I’ll always cherish.

What one track really stands out from your new album?
‘Sexy Cerebellum’ stands out because it introduces the phrase ‘fuckable feminist.’ A fuckable feminist is a woman who has a strong political sense of who she is and is also very fine. It speaks to the way most of the women I know and love move through the world. They don’t compartmentalize themselves.They roll with all of themselves all of the time and they’re intelligent, visionary, and hella sexy. All of it. All the time.

What would your last meal be?
Ketchupy eggs

What is your twin sister thinking about right now?
The exact same thing I”m thinking right now.

Tell us a joke.
Q. Did all the animals on Noah’s Ark come in pairs?
A: No. The worms came in apples.

Write a haiku for/about Gladys Bentley
(welp, not a ‘real’ haiku, but…)
proud silhouette stance
and bulldagger blues prowess
remembered, revived




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