Download FREE T4GB Wintry [Re]mixes!

The south is once again on lockdown due to Mother Nature’s lashing of blizzardy whiteness. Since you’re probably spending way too much time in front of your computer screen, why not download these free wintry [re]mixes of T4GB tunes?

First up, “Creeped On” remixed by Bueller Tout nou:

Next, Mitch Rothrock’s ‘bundle up’ remix of Gut Lightnin:

The next two remixes are by one of DURTY Art Collective’s resident producers, Funkleberry. First up, Dandelion the ‘Heat Up the Leftovers’ Remix:

And the “Triple Fat Goose” Remix of LateNightSlowDance, another Funkleberry production:

And last but not least, the “Classic Original Heat” remix of Eatin Out (feat. sookee) by Apple Juice Kid:

Stay warm and ear-whetted, my fellow southerners. And nevermind those naysayers from other regions who don’t understand the way we slow drag in times like these. Our pace is an acquired one:)


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