Two unreleased songs from shirlette [T4GB]‘s Hopscotch Performance


shirlette [T4GB] at Hopscotch Music Festival, Sept 2013 courtesy of

The following video(courtesy of Hopscotch Music Festival, Dan Schram, and Ash Crowe) is from shirlette [T4GB]‘s Hopscotch Music Festival performance at Tir Na Nog on September 6, 2013. The first is, “Joy Division,” the second is called, “Expensive Experience.” Each video is followed by the song’s lyrics and each song is yet-to-be-recorded or released. Hope you enjoy! T4GB personnel is Gabe Turner, Tommy Rau, and shirlette ammons.


 Joy Division

Verse I:
I embrace the art of things
this music is my doppelganger
each lyric is like my pinkie ring
except its on my middle finger
been known to take a bit of change
make lots of sense,  that’s Bentley shit
forgive and then forget about it
submerge it in my converses and walk it out
it’s like don’t be an imbecile
overplaying in local places and
underrating my way with decibels
plus I’m adversarially literary
So I fux with dewey decimal
while you bloated up on hype and notion
regaining a lame and lost composure
I’m over it like  OWN and Oprah
whoa what I mean is
just breathing is as cheesy as Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’
so I wail against the pavement
til its blue beaten and bleeding
with a legion of deviant intentions
misfits horny loud and listless
listening to Joy Division

Verse II:
Your mission is an atrocity exhibition
In a gallery of flesh and canvas
an acrylic of cynics full of divots
Drippin like dalis clocks on acid
I’m in the corner making love to corporate daughters
They want a taste of poverty and magic
Trust funds wilted with guilt
I’m teaching them filth
they callin me mammy and daddy
I’m mistaken honesty for promises
Meaning whatever you want you can have it
Tonguing a descendent of gluttonous men
Again she screams again and again
She’s a pleasure heathen so I ain’t leaving
And I’m a bastard so I ain’t comin either
misfits in love horny lord jesus
It’s that Joy division

Expensive Experience
Verse I:
Too often its cosmetic
you show for the shows
on this whole come get it
few dollas at the do’
and some mo for a beverage
I’m guessin
you mad cuz the ticket price wasnt half price
like if my rhymes were half nice
logic deaded
I don’t serve refreshments
yet my chords are liquid swords
plus warm and quenching
Don’t ride benches
I’m a first stringer
with lyrics fully loaded
I’m coaxing my trigger finger

thank you ladies and gentlemen
your time and attention
your presence is of the essence
this experience expensive
now lay it back now
it aint what you paid
its how you overreact now

every seizure of the speakers
is a payment to the people
every lyric from the spirit
of the record and the needle
before the stage is preparation on paper
fuck the feeble, unrehearsed
this artistry is my carpentry


I can’t say I’ve licked a pair of lips in the back of a limousine
I can’t even say that that’s a likelihood or fantasy
A six figure salary that may never happen for me
Sometimes I feel resigned to keep gambling
I can say I’ve loved in black and white and also stereo
I can say my favorite cassette was In Effect Mode
I can say that I can take
A slap on the hand, but not the face
Retrace my pace name my mistakes
Lately they made of lace and sharp edges
Hot to the touch and fuck I get burned quick
what’s too much for some Is my not enough
And I fiend for this like an addict
so thank you ladies and gentlemen


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