Indy Simple Music Video Series Outtakes

Photographer-turned-videographer extraordinaire, Ash Crowe was so kind as to share these outtake videos from the “Twilight for Gladys Bentley” Simple Music Video Performance  at Amplified Art last Tuesday. Thanks also to Dan Schram who invited us. We also debuted a couple more songs from T4GB. The video for those is posted on the Independent Weekly’s  music blog.

The first of the outtakes is “Gut Lightning.” Shouts out to The Jerk and Fader, the Gut Lightning DJ/Producer duo whose name inspired this song:

This next video is “Eatin Out.” Before debuting it, I’d like to quote a friend who said, “You’re talking about something that doesn’t ever get its due discussion: women’s needs and how limited the options are for getting them met in our hetero-normative society.”

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