T4GB Producers Profile: BUeLLER TOUT’NOU



Before penning this post about Bueller, I thought long and hard about the work of cartographers (aka mapmakers). According to wikipedia, cartographers’ first task is to set the agenda for the map—will it be a world map outlining political boundaries or a road map detailing highways and backroads or a map depicting landmarks. Then the question becomes how to make the map an accurate representation of the terrain in all its complex undulations of beliefs and actualities, naming the hills and valleys if you will.  The final task of the cartographer (and maybe the most important) is to “orchestrate the elements of the map to best convey its message to its audience.” Producer BUeLLER TOUT’NOU goes through each of these processes when arranging his complex layers of abstractions and sounds.  I’m pleased that his signature sound is featured on 4 of T4GB’s compositions.

I met Bueller through a friend’s Facebook page, a friend whose musical taste I’ve always trusted and whose FB page I peruse regularly in search of new and fresh tunes. That initial exploration lead me to Bueller’s SoundCloud page where I fell deep into his transient soul. I found his boom bap to be meditative, his knack for placing his snares just behind the beat (in the tradition of 90′s soul) studied, and his layering of intentional noise most headphone-friendly. I reached out to Bueller, asking him to send along some instrumentals. The first track he sent became the song “LateNightSlowDance,” one of the more introspective compositions that appear on T4GB. Bueller is also responsible for production on the opening track, “Get Dressed,” featuring Chaunesti Webb and the closing track “Twilight” featuring Sy Smith.

Our interactions have been strictly via the Internet Superhighway, which introduces a whole other conversation about mapping in this age of hyper-technology. Another post for another time:)

For now, I encourage you to vibe out to some Bueller Tout’nout , the Hip Hop/Soul Cartographer. You just might be amazed by this dude’s range of beautifully-imagined terrains.





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