Video Premiere: Earth Intro, shirlette feat. The Indigo Girls (via Paste Magazine)

via Paste Magazine:

By Paste Staff  |  December 23, 2015  |  11:00am

shirlette ammons is premiering the video for her track “Earth Intro” off of her upcoming full-length album Language Barrier, to be released February 5, 2016 via Churchkey and SugarQube Records.

“The video concept was devised by Kid Ethnic who also shot and edited it,” said ammons of the video. “It’s basically an arrangement of clips that are playful and carefree. I wanted to do something that represented the anthemic vibe of the song, the sheer joy of it….and I wanted to dance in front of the screen!”
The track features folk rock duo, The Indigo Girls.

“It was an honor to have the Indigo Girls sing this song,” she continued. “I had them in mind for the song from the moment I wrote it. They have so many songs in their catalogues that feel like epic sing-alongs and I wanted them to add that personality to Earth Intro.”

Watch the video for shirlette ammons’ “Earth Intro,” featuring The Indigo Girls, below.

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