T4GB Listening Party: 12.12.12


I am so excited to invite all of you to The Bentley Mode Listening Party: An Utmost Dandy One Dollar Skiffle on Wednesday December 12th (12.12.12.) at Durham’s Carrack Modern Art (111 W. Parrish Street). We will play Twilight for Gladys Bentley in its entirety beginning at 8pm followed by a soundtrack of music by artists who exemplify Bentley Mode.  Introducing the event will be Sharon Holland with whom I appeared on an episode of Mark Anthony Neal’s Left of Black. And if you can’t make it to Durham on 12.12.12, stream the album in its entirety live at Homoground at 8p right along with us!

Consider this a pre-holiday bash. Consider it a reason to drink and get dressed up on an otherwise random Wednesday evening. Consider it a reason to vibe to new music at one of Durham’s best-growing community art and performances spaces. Whatever you consider,  bring your flasks, your friends, dawn your dandiest duds, and come hang with us for a spell. One dollar gets you up the stairs and in the door!


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