W. Ellington Felton Guests on T4GB!

DC native W Ellington Felton guests on “Sexy Cerebellum,” from Shirlette’s debut solo album, “Twilight for Gladys Bentley”

…trying to remember how I came to know of W Ellington Felton (aka Dub Ell) and his chameleonic body of work. I know I’m skipping some pages in the ol book of memories, but my former band, Mosadi Music, did a show with Dub Ell many moons ago in DC at Bohemian Caverns. This was 2007, which means I would’ve heard him on Prince Paul’s Politics of Business album, a really dope (kinda) love song called “Beautifully Absurd.”

Dub Ell, a dynamic artist–an actor, painter, poet, singer, and emcee—is the son of legendary organist/pianist Hilton C. Felton who funk-fusionists might know from The Soul Searchers album, “We The People,” which features a young Chuck Brown on guitar and lead vocals. I’m so grateful for Dub Ell’s appearance on “Sexy Cerebellum” one of the funkier songs on Twilight for Gladys Bentley. The tune is  a homage to truly revolutionary women (like my partner) who create brilliant new strategies for the survival of all people  AND fight oppression on the daily WHILE rockin 3 inch heels. Produced by Chapel Hill’s AppleJuice Kid, Dub Ell and I sing in concert, ‘there was a song written/called your eyes open senses/traded the cussin for kissin/your body’s a composition/intelligentsia, menace beyond the black fist/squeezably hugable/fuckable feminist…’

The aim is for T4GB to hit the streets in early September, just in time for Shirlette and the Dynamite Brothers appearance at Hopscotch Music Festival. In the meantime, check Dub Ell and his latest project called Handle With Care RIGHT CHERR.




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